Verses on Life – Part 1

Shackled, confined and imprisoned! Many of us walk around feeling one or all of these states of being every day. Shackled or confined by our current circumstances and imprisoned by our own mindset. In order for us to break free, we must change our mindset. We must realize and confirm with ourselves that our current circumstance is never our situation. We must know and understand that our current circumstance is only a temporary state of being and is only to assist in refining and improving our current situation in life.

In order for us to break free we must create healthy systems in our lives to truly deal with our bondage moments. We have to make sure that we understand that there will definitely be trying moments in our lives and that they are only present to make us better and stronger for the path ahead.

The people who are truly successful and happy in this life are the ones that roll with the punches that life throws their way. They know how to value each experience for what it is truly worth. They keep the lessons learned and use them in a productive way to move forward on their life’s journey. They understand how to discard the unnecessary baggage that weighs them down and keeps them from moving on.

This unnecessary baggage can be collected in every aspect of our lives. Whether it is our childhood, our friendships, our marriages, spiritual life, health and/or financial life, none of us are immune from the garbage that works to erode our daily living. There is no aspect that is free from “garbage collection.” The key is to learn how and what to dispose of before it causes any further damage.

Commit to the following to help you with your disposal system and to help you live a garbage free life:

1. Realize It Is Your Choice – You Have The Power

We must never forget that we are all vested with the power to lead a happy and successful life. We have the power to choose our own way. There are many distractions, but we all can choose to be happy and successful in our daily pursuits.

2. Stay Focused

Every day is a blessing and holds unlimited opportunities for us to do and be better. Each day allows us to come closer to knowing and achieving our purpose. When we remain positive and stay focused on our purpose all is well. When we get stuck in the chaos of our everyday, often times, we can lose focus. This can, if focus is lost too long, deter us from our purpose and take us off the path of our journey. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the pathway ahead.

3. Keep It Moving

We will all go through trials and tribulations in this lifetime. We will often have to stop and mend our wounds after times of adversity, but we cannot stay too long. We cannot give up on our journey. Things will look different as we keep moving on our path. The key is that we just need to keep going.

4. Learn to Toss

As earthly beings, we all have the desire to learn more, be more, know more and to have more. Along our journey we pick up so much through our experiences. Unfortunately, all of what we input into ourselves is not productive or helpful in making our next move. There are some things that are meant to be left behind or deleted. Whether it is a bad person, bad relationship or just a bad experience, we all need to learn what we need to keep and what we need to toss away. Every situation is an opportunity for each of us to grow and get better. We cannot allow our garbage or the garbage of another to weigh us down on our journey.

Wishing you all the very best on the journey ahead!

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