To Our Youth—A Love Letter of Hope

The future of our children, and the world is neither bleak, nor unpromising. On the contrary, the future is looking very bright for us all. I am so tired of people attacking our youth by threatening an unforeseen and hopeless future. Politicians, the media, and other misguided souls are using scare tactics to convince the public that our youth do not have any hope for their futures, by suggesting they need to consider other options besides college, that they will not be able to find a job, that the debt ceiling will be so high, that all of the money for their retirement is being exhausted, and so on.

I’ve even witnessed high school graduation speeches, dedicated to depicting a dismal future, and not having the resources to obtain the “American Dream” at which we are promised to have a fair shot. The speech then goes on to say, instead, we should focus on being nice and good citizens. If anything seems unpromising and non-productive, that theory, and the idea of it certainly does.

It’s unfair to paint a false picture of despair for this generation, when I see that the sky is the limit for these young people. Just because some old fogies have decided that their life is crap, because of a new information-based economy steadily replacing jobs in a traditional industrial economy, doesn’t give them the right to predict that future, or use their forums to squash the dreams of our youth.

A Changing Economy

I still believe that the “children are our future” and our “brightest hope for our troubled society.” We need to encourage them to dream big and obtain desired jobs, and educate them so they are prepared to meet the demands of our changing society and work force. Contrary to what people think, Jobs are not declining, they are transforming. We now live in a digital age. This is why it’s so hard for many middle and older aged people to understand how vivid our future really is. Those age groups were not raised in this revolutionary era of technology, therefore they have to GET accustomed to it. Children born after 1989 have an advantage; they were born into this digital era. Just one query search of the word ‘Digital” on, a job database, shows thousands of jobs are open right now. Some include:

Senior Web Strategist
Digital Specialist
Digital Marketer
Social Media and Digital Marketing Manager
Web Project Manager
Online Content Creator

Hiring: Government Role Models

Yes, we live in a different time, but our youth will shine bright and live well in a new world of technology. But, even in the midst of switching economies, there will always be government and leadership roles that need to be filled by the right people to ensure that our country will continue to function on a democratic system. We should NEVER deter children from obtaining these most important roles. Our children will indeed be our future, and they will undoubtedly be our smartest generations to fill these government and leadership roles. Some of the following government jobs that we will one day count on our children to hold are in need of some major constructive change. Currently, the practices and policies are not operating in the public’s best interest. These factors that may be unjust should not discourage any parent or ambitious child. On the contrary, let it motivate you to be in that position to make a change, and a difference.

1. Opening – Oval Office – Every Four Years America Is Looking For a Good President. Why not apply for this job?

In 2008 an African American and biracial man won the presidential election in an unprecedented and historical victory. President Obama’s victory was a clear sign of change. Historically, an African American man would have never had the audacity to bid for the presidency. Although, we have had many dreamers such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson and Herman Cain, just to name a few, but none that were really considered serious contenders for the seat. This single victory should tell our youth that anything is possible. I would be the first to say that President Obama’s presidency has been riddled with disrespect and unprecedented challenges that no other president has ever had to face. Unfortunately, this is not unusual, African American males have always been faced with disrespect and unprecedented challenges. President Obama like many other minorities has continued to show grace under fire, integrity and the power of hope even in the face of disrespect. Yes, President Obama’s election shows us that dreams still can come true, but most importantly, his presidency has shown that hard work, honesty, integrity and just being a good person still has value in America.

2. Opening – Lifetime Position – Supreme Court Judge Vacancies

A vacancy is bound to come up soon. I pray. On June 25, 2013, the Supreme Court declared Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional. In one big swoop, the court basically said that a law passed in 1965 has served its purpose because racism in America no longer exists.

Within two hours of the Supreme Court’s issuance of its decision, formerly covered state Texas announced that it would now enforce its voter identification law (concealed weapons permit OK; student ID not), which had been blocked by both the Department of Justice and a federal court in Washington, D.C. North Carolina’s legislature, went further and passed the mother of all voter suppression bills. Aside from enacting a strict voter ID law like Texas’, the bill also cut a week off early voting in the state (used by up to 70 percent of African-American voters in 2012) and barred local election boards from keeping the polls open on the final Saturday before the election after 1 pm. It eliminated same-day voter registration. It opened up the precincts to “challengers” who can gum up the works at polling places and dissuade voters from showing up in the first place. It banned paying voter registration card circulators by the piece. It eliminated pre-registration of 16- and 17-year-olds in the high schools. And it said that a voter who votes in the wrong precinct (perhaps because of a poll worker’s error) will have her whole ballot thrown out—earlier law had allowed such ballots to count for those races in which the voter was eligible to vote.

Clearly, there is a cry for leadership and integrity on our highest court. Based on the Supreme Court’s ruling, our youth will be faced with even greater fights than our civil rights leaders of the past. Over the next ten years, this generation’s very tenacity for standing up for their rights will be tested. There ability to weather the storms of racism will dictate their fate in our history books. In order to bring about true change, they will have to reintroduce the court to the meaning of “fairness and justice.” This will have to be done by seeking a seat at the table. No longer, can our youth allow Justices like Roberts, Thomas, Scalia, Kennedy, Alito and Thomas to rein havoc over our liberties. There is always a call for justice.

3. Opening – Looking for Officer Friendlys

I was introduced to “Officer Friendly” in grade school. He was the most likeable guy with the most trusting face. Police cars had “Serve and Protect” painted on the sides. It seemed like we were all on the same team back then. Sometimes it is hard to feel that way now. Police academies all over are constantly seeking applicants. Police are supposed to keep us safe. If we push our youth towards being cops of integrity that honestly keep us safe, positions are available, and strong, good men and women are needed. They serve with a sense of love and dedication to all of the members of their community because they believe that they are making a difference. They live with honor and are deserving of our respect. Being a police officer is an extremely honorable position and takes a very special type of person. You can be the next Officer Friendly.

4. Opening – Leaders – Elected Official (Congress, Senate, Governor etc…)
Wealthy white males without a clue to the needs of nonwealthy families in America need not apply. We have had enough of your unsolicited insight and disruption of the American Dream.

On September 30, 2013, a flurry of last-minute moves by the House, Senate and White House failed to break a bitter budget standoff over President Obama’s health care law, setting in motion the first government shutdown in nearly two decades. Congress was unable to reach an agreement in time for the midnight deadline, triggering the first government shutdown since 1995.

The impasse meant that 800,000 federal workers were to be furloughed and more than a million others would be asked to work without pay. This number does not take into account the millions of family members impacted by this reduction in their family’s income and the number of families that will miss out on needed government services. All due to Congress’ failure to act to keep the federal government financed due to their repeated efforts to play politics with people’s livelihoods.
Many of our officials have forgotten that holding an elected office is an act of service to the public – that is, service to all citizens, not just those who share your views or those who voted for you. It is a challenge that requires every office holder to rise above the fray, to reach beyond comfort zones, and to work with others with whom they may have significant differences. Rising to that challenge is what makes democracy work. It’s what makes shaping our own shared future possible. It’s what others have done before us. And it’s what has made America a nation to be proud of.

5. Opening-Correctional Officers.

Being a correctional officer is a challenging job. But, like the other government jobs, we are need of good ones. Recently, and in the past, there have been many complaints, statements, arrests made on C.O.s all over. Many are taking advantage of a disadvantaged person by abusing their authority. Many complaints of harassment, rape, extortion, abuse have been made throughout history. Though sometimes a dangerous job, we need to encourage our children at a young age, if that’s what they want to do. Help them understand what it means to have good character, and not abuse your authority. C.O.s are in a position to help rehabilitate, while keeping and assuring the public of its safety. This is a tough, but honorable job. Correctional Officers are always in high demand for people of courage, and integrity.

6. Opening-Doctors, Medical Professionals.

Doctors and other medical professionals are amongst the highest in demand, and importance. We desperately need healers. There are many diseases and illnesses that have not been cured such as AIDS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. We need to encourage all medical practitioner wishfuls to do whatever they desire to do in the medical field. The more people we get into the medical field, the more minds can work together to tackle these uncured diseases and illnesses. We need not discourage children by painting a picture of a hopeless future. Many children will grow up, and become doctors, and they may just save YOUR life.

A Vivid Future for Youth

Our nation is in dire need of effective leaders. To be an effective leader, one must work as part of a team to establish a shared vision for the future, make plans that make that future possible, and work with their colleagues and constituents to enact policies and laws that will ultimately lead to positive results. People do come first in a democracy, and we will always need people with strong character to lead us and understand this concept. We must depend on our youth to make good decisions and have the desire to obtain one of these leadership roles.

Those government and leadership jobs will always be in high demand, although some of our systems continue to be unjust and in need of some major changes. That will be the job of our children one day.

Our youth will be well equipped, and the brightest generations to land those “White House” jobs. As mentioned previously, our society is more technologically advanced than it ever has been, with more access to info than ever, along with the most connectivity to the rest of the world. Ignore the naysayers of how the future looks for us. Thousands of jobs are here. They’re just different, evolved jobs. Our children will own jobs such as Online Content Creator, and they will master the use of technology in their political campaigns, such as President Obama so famously did in his 2008 Presidential campaign.

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