Love Each Day to Keep the Doctor Away

While the saying typically goes “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” you may be surprised to learn that great relationships full of love can help keep you healthy too. A number of studies conducted by both the University of Pittsburg and the University of Iowa found that women in good marriages were less at risk of cardiovascular disease, Dont-forget-to-love-yourself. __quotes-by-Soren-Kierkegaard-81lived longer lives, and had bodies better able to fight off cancer and other life threatening diseases.

As I look around to see many of my closest friends finding themselves newly single and chasing after love in a completely different world, a world full of online dating and other less organic methods of meeting a mate, I can’t help but notice their discouragement and fears of lifelong singlehood. No matter where you are in life whether single, married, or somewhere in between, love is important to both your health and wellbeing. To help each of you plant, grow, and blossom your love life here are a few relationship tips to apply.

    • Love Yourself. I’m sure you’ve had this statement chanted into your ear more than a few times but it’s true. Taking the steps to love yourself and be confident in your own skin allows you to value yourself and what you have to offer in a relationship. Take the time to compliment yourself each day, highlight your talents, and set aside time each week to do something you truly enjoy. You must first love yourself before you can expect anyone else to.


    • Be Open Minded. Relationships, and love in general, don’t always look exactly how we pictured it. Becoming open minded to suitors you may have never considered, dates you may have originally turned down, and different methods of finding “the one” can be just the thing to lead you to the relationship you have been searching for.


    • Be Yourself. Part of loving yourself is being confident in who you are. Don’t allow the dating world to make you feel as if you need to act or be a certain way. Becoming anyone else but yourself will only leave you unhappy and disappointed in the long run. Be yourself so that you can better find the special someone that compliments you.


While an apple a day can help keep the doctor away, so can love. Whether you’re a Miss. or a Mrs., taking time to plant and grow your relationships is important to your health and wellbeing. Instead of losing hope, take charge of your love life by first loving yourself, becoming open minded, and remembering to be you. After all, there’s someone for everyone, and yes that means you too.

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