Let the Haters Hate

We have all experienced haters in our life. Sometimes they appear in the form of friends, family members, or even complete strangers. Haters are people in your life that attempt to pull you down, instead of encouraging and lifting you up. Haters rain on your life parade and cause you to doubt your success.

During a recent coaching session, a client shared how she had received a promotion that she had been working hard for. However, to her surprise, her coworkers along with family members appeared upset about her new achievement. Instead of congratulating her, they chose to make negative comments and a few even stopped talking to her.

Within the same week, a student of mine came to me extremely upset because she could not stay for class due to her lack of a babysitter for her daughter. She began telling me that she was the only person in her family to attend college, her family thought it was a waste of time. Because of this, her family had refused to babysit her daughter unless she chose to quit school and work a full-time job. This got me thinking.

Haters are everywhere. No matter what family you were born into or career path you have chosen, there will be haters. You can count on that. But just because they are there, does not mean you should allow them to stop you from achieving success. There should not be any voice in your head that is louder than your own.

So go ahead—tune out all those haters because you are talented, capable, and deserving of the very best that this life has to offer. No one can prevent you from realizing your dreams, except you. Sure, people will be jealous and envious or not understand but it’s okay. Your purpose is only for you, so don’t be discouraged. Embrace your successes and let the haters hate.


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