Drama Free Worklife

Many of us would like to believe that stupid rivalries and jealousies end the day we leave high school or college. Unfortunately, this is not true. Some people, no matter how old they get, still find ways to add unnecessary conflict to their relationships.  Unhappy, unfulfilled and destructive people follow us where ever we go, even at our workplace. It is no wonder why a Gallup poll for the last 5 years has shown that over 70% of U.S. workers are unhappy with their jobs. In addition, the poll found that these workers undermine what their engaged colleagues accomplish.

photo credit: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

photo credit: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/

This is truly a shame, because drama increases stress, reduces productivity and, therefore, reduces a company’s bottom line. It is the number one cause of turnover in the workplace. Even worse, drama eats away at our most precious commodity that none of us can afford to waste: our time.

If you want to stress less, become more productive as you walk in your purpose, have better relationships, and make the most of the limited time you have on earth, I highly suggest you eliminate as much drama as possible from your life by making a commitment to do the following four things:

1. Understand Why You Are Present

Whether you are starting a new job, preparing for a meeting, working on a project, or embracing a new day, you should always have a plan. In order to get started with your plan, you must know the answers to two simple questions:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. How can I benefit from this experience?

Just think, you could be anywhere doing anything at any given moment. The universe has blessed your company, your clients, your co-workers, your family and your friends with the gift of your time, talents and tithes. You must always be aware of why you have allowed yourself to be having this particular experience at this exact moment in time. The reason could be any of the following:

  • until I find a new job;
  • until I graduate from school;
  • until I know what I really want to do;
  • until my significant other finds a job or gets a better job;
  • because I need the money;
  • because they need my expertise at this meeting or on this project;
  • because this is what I was called to do; etc…

Whatever your reason, you must understand why you are present and build your plan around your reasons.

2.  Realize That There Are Benefits In Every Situation

In our lives, we will have opportunities to travel in and out of good and not so good experiences. Each experience, however painful or joyful, carries with it a benefit. Once you have realized why you are at your job, working on that project, at that meeting or doing that business, you must understand how you can benefit from the experience. When we understand why we are at a certain place, we can then proactively identify the benefits we want to achieve and plan accordingly.

Once you have your plan in place to focus on achieving your benefits, you do not have to worry about the drama. You should fully understand your purpose in every aspect of your day. Write it down and stay focused on your plan. Know that your plan is fluid and may change based on your needs at that time. It is a roadmap for peace and joy in your life.

3. Develop A Discerning Outlook

A little discernment could save your life or at the very least prevent hours of continuing drama. Prior to starting your day:

  • Review your schedule.
  • Understand the trouble spots in your day (difficult meeting, assignment, co-worker, boss etc.).
  • Determine what you can learn from each trouble spot.
  • Acknowledge the adjustments you have to make in order to maximize your benefits.

Knowledge is power. When you begin acknowledging and accepting the people and the situations that bring drama in your workday, you begin reducing the level of stress these individuals cause in your life. Commit to learning something new from each person and situation. You can always learn new things, or get a fresh outlook. Leaving your mind open to the possibilities turns potentially frustrating situations into great learning experiences, thus increasing your benefits.

4. Take Responsibility for Your Joy and Happiness

Most of us are not mind readers and are not studying the craft. Proper planning and assessing will reduce the drama in your work-life; however, it will not eliminate all drama from the workplace. Ultimately, it is up to you to establish your boundaries. When someone has violated your boundary lines, it’s your responsibility to resolve it. If you are having a challenge with someone that cannot be resolved on its own, approach that person, be specific about the instances that need to be corrected, and express yourself clearly.

Be open about the issue and listen to different points of view. Make sure you heard what you think you heard. Consider a different perspective because what you took as a hurtful remark or action may not have been meant as such. Maybe there is something else going on in a person’s life that caused them to speak out of turn. If you look behind the surface, you may discover something new about the people you work with everyday. And new discoveries could lead to new ways of interacting and much less drama!


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