Are We Turning into Wimps?

Black-Baby-CryingAfter recently accompanying my husband to a high school basketball game where I witnessed a parent infuriated by the stomping and clapping of the crowd as a player on the court attempted to make a free throw, I began to ask myself, “Are we turning into wimps?” Nowadays, there is so much pressure on being fair, not hurting anyone’s feelings, and allowing everyone to win. But in trying to be fair are we actually doing a disservice to our youth and robbing them of the many benefits healthy competition brings?

The saying, “A little competition never hurt anyone,” just might be true. Healthy competition brings a wealth of benefits and lessons that are used long after little league. Here are just a few benefits of healthy competition our youth are missing out on.

    • Choice. Just like in sports, not everyone in life is always going to be cheering for you. Healthy competition helps teach the power of choice. A young person has to make his or her own decision to become successful regardless of who is and who isn’t rooting for them.


    • Overcome loss. No matter how hard we try to make everyone a winner, the truth is in every game there is always going to be a losing team. Young people need to learn that they are not always going to win or get things right the first time but with practice and perseverance they can overcome loss.


  • Highlight differences. The great thing about people is that we are all uniquely different. Through healthy competition our youth can learn their personal talents and recognize the talents of others to best work as a team to bring home the wins.

When we teach our youth that everyone plays fair and that everyone wins we eliminate healthy competition and with it, many important life lessons. By encouraging healthy competition we can better prepare young people to compete in the game of life.


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